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The Jan Van de Verde Award

Posted 4 months ago

Eligibility Criteria
Award may be granted to an Outstanding Nursing Educator who meets the  following criteria:
  1. Nursing Educator in Georgia for a minimum of five years (academic or clinical).
  2. Minimum Education – Master’s Degree
  3. Has demonstrated a positive influence on Nursing Education in Georgia through one or more of the following examples:
    1.  Demonstration of Scholarship, e.g.
        1. Presentations at local, state. or national meetings
        2. Research and/or publications
        3. Grants
    2. Served on regional, state, or national committees r/t to nursing education.
    3. Received teaching award or recognition of excellence in education
    4. Served as Accreditation Site Visitor
    5. Consultant to Educational Programs (academic or clinical)
    6. Instrumental in the development or expansion of a nursing program or the development of an innovative clinical education program
    7. Other
  4. References:
    The nominee will supply 2 letters of reference/endorsement from:

    1. A peer or former or current student (academic or clinical), and,
    2. An Administrator or supervisor

After being nominated, the nominee will be asked to supply a CV or resume.

Deadline Information


Nomination Information

Nominations must be accompanied by brief documentation of how the person nominated meets and/or exceeds the criteria for eligibility (above).

Please include The Jan Van de Verde Award in the subject heading and email all nomination letters to

Award recipients will be honored during the 2022 Conference which will be held on Jekyll Island, February 17-19, 2022.